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Demo Reels

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Movies: 2014

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Currently shooting “Hit & Run”

“Wizardream” is opposite Malcolm McDowell has just wrapped.

“Stealing Roses” opp John Heard and Cindy Williams comes to theaters

“Mantervention”, a funny, sexy comedy, will be seen in theaters, as well!

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Photos from past work…

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CSI: NYGary Sinese and Josie between takes…and Josie opposite Skeet Ulrich.

Natasha Henstridge and Josie just wrapped “The Perfect Student”.

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Past Updates

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SONNY james+Josie

Rent SONNY with James Franco and Josie; directed by Nicolas Cage.

Santa's Village of the Damned

Two and a Half MenJosie stars opposite Charlie Sheen on “Santa’s Village of the Damned”(available on Netflix)

CSI: MIAMIJosie stars opposite David Caruso (available on Netflix)

Carolina MoonJosie stars with Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson. (available on iTunes and Netflix)


Josie stars in THE PERFECT ASSISTANT opposite Chris Potter.

Keep an eye out for her horror film, THE CURSED with Costas Mandylor.


THE ASCENT…date tbd


Josie played a wacky and sexy masseur  “In The Land of Merry Misfits”, produced by Maria Menunos and narrated by John Waters that premiered at The TRIBECA Film Festival.


NBC’s FEAR ITSELF directed by Freddy VS Jason’s Ronnie Yu, Josie worked opposite Eureka‘s Colin Ferguson.

Josie starred in a film with Kip Pardue titled THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE, was screened at the VC FILM FESTIVAL. The film was also at The CINEQUEST FILM FESTIVAL and got a great response and a great review in the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. “CRASH’s” Paul Haggis did the re-writes on the script. SUNDANCE award-winner Gene Rhee was the director.

My film TRANCED (directed by David Mickey Evans who is best known for RADIO FLYER and THE SANDLOT.) wrapped. Josie stars opposite Michach Taylor and Maria Conchita Alonzo in this far out comedy.

Josie produced and starred in a short film called LOTTO (2003) about three friends who deal with mistrust, murder, and malay, when a horoscope reading allows them to talk to themselves in the future; allowing them to obtain the winning numbers to that night’s 97 million dollar lottery drawing…or so they think…

(to purchase a dvd of “Lotto” please see the VIDEO page)

To see Josie’s latest red carpet event photos, etc click here

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